Preventative healthcare

Preventative healthcare can help your pet enjoy a healthier life and avoid potentially serious diseases. We offer straightforward advice on healthy routines, preventative treatments and controls to reduce the risk of your pets contracting these diseases.

Buying pets in the UK

We see many more sick puppies and kittens bought through 'free-ads' services from newspapers or the Internet than those from registered breeders. Whether pets are bought in the UK or overseas please encourage responsible pet breeding by only purchasing animals from establishments that are clean and well run, where the parents are obviously well looked after, and where correct pre-purchase healthcare has been carried out by the breeders. Our nursing team can offer advice on this.

'Saving' animals from shabby establishments only encourages them to continue breeding for profit. If you are concerned about a breeding establishment please contact the local RSPCA inspectors who will carry out an investigation.

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