It is extremely important to make sure your pet is up to date with preventative worming treatment. Please contact us to discuss your pet’s needs and the parasite control necessary for their lifestyle.

Pets can catch some types of worm that are secondary to fleas, or by eating raw meat if they are hunting or scavenging. These worms don’t just infect pets, they can also infect people and in certain circumstances cause blindness. Children are at a higher risk of being infected.

Roundworms and tapeworms

These are the most common and preventable types of worms that your pet can contract.

Both parasites live in the gut with the potential to cause diarrhoea or other health problems. Animals can pick up these worms whenever they sniff ground where other animals have been.


Another worm of particular significance for dogs is the Lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum. There has been an increasing incidence of this type of worm over the last few years. Symptoms range from coughing and difficulty breathing, effects on the central nervous system, or inability to clot the blood. Because the worm targets body systems that are essential to life and do not repair themselves well, the effects of this parasite can lead to permanent damage or even death.

We recommend the use of a licenced product on a monthly basis to remove the risk of contracting this parasite.

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