Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic

Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic is a long-established small animal veterinary practice based in central London. We have the facilities and staff on site to carry out a full range of routine and emergency treatments for your pets. Our team of fully qualified nurses and veterinary surgeons is available round the clock for appointments and out-of-hours emergency treatment.

Facilities at the clinic

Every facility your pet needs is on site, from a welcoming reception and waiting room to consulting rooms, fully equipped laboratory, theatre and hospital ward.

You can contact us by phone or personal visit. We have a computerised appointment system so we can quickly arrange time and date.
If you come to the clinic, please be aware that there are three steps leading to the entrance. Because this is a Grade 1 listed building, we cannot install a ramp. However, we are happy to assist anyone with mobility difficulties.


There is limited on-street parking. Payment is by card at one of the ticket machines or via phone, text or app.

Reception and waiting room

Reception is your first point of contact when you call or visit us. We can offer you an initial 15 minute appointment, which will give you time to discuss your pet's problems. Please try to be punctual, as we aim to keep all appointments on time. However, emergencies may happen at the time of your appointment and, sometimes, we have to deal with those first.
You’ll find a large range of premium pet foods and products at reception, and the nurse on duty will be happy to give general advice on suitable non-prescription products.

Consulting room

The vet on duty will examine your pet in the consulting room to determine the best course of action and treatment. The consulting room has a range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment and is air conditioned to keep it as comfortable as possible.


Our in-house laboratory has equipment for routine blood testing and urine analysis, with microscopes for more detailed inspection. This means we can get results quickly, which is vital in emergency cases.

For other samples, we use a daily courier services to deliver and collect samples from specialist laboratories. This keeps samples as fresh as possible to ensure accurate results and helps us get results back quickly.


Our theatre is specially equipped for surgery with rigorous cleaning and sterilisation protocols in place to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We have invested in high-quality surgical equipment to carry out both routine and complex surgical procedures. A heated operating table and modern monitoring equipment allow us to keep a close eye on the patient's condition through operations and keep them as safe as possible through anaesthesia.


The clinic has a digital x-ray processor and an ultrasound machine which enables a full range of diagnostic images. These facilities are available at all times for both routine and emergency use.

Hospitalisation ward

In the ward we have a number of different-sized kennels to house pets in a comfortable, warm and hygienic environment. We also have an incubator unit for critically ill patients to allow oxygen therapy and control the ambient temperature. Nurses maintain close observation of patients and equipment such as fluid infusion pumps to ensure pets receive accurate, timely treatment. The ward also houses our dental, blood pressure and ultrasound equipment.

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