Home visits

We offer home visits if your pets needs veterinary attention but you are unable to bring the animal to the clinic. If your pet needs urgent attention, we will aim to visit as soon as possible. However, it is difficult to provide home visits during our emergency out-of-hours clinic, as there is only one vet on duty and incoming emergencies and patients in the wards must take priority.

If we are unable to carry out a home visit due to other veterinary commitments, we will provide telephone numbers of local animal ambulances that can bring your pet to the clinic for treatment.

If your pet is in distress and needs to be treated without delay, a home visit may not be suitable. We will advise you to arrange other means of getting to the clinic, for example by asking a friend or providing the number for a veterinary ambulance transport company. This means that we will have all the equipment necessary to treat your pet without delay. We can treat your pet promptly on arrival and hopefully alleviate any pain and suffering.

If you need to arrange a home visit, please call and discuss the problem with the veterinary surgeon on duty.

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